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Product specifications

System requirements

  • Apple Mac running macOS Monterey or later.

  • Full support for Intel and Apple M1 silicon.

  • iPad running iPadOS 15 or later.

Photo sources

  • Folders / directories of images, including sub-directories

  • Capture One Pro, Apple Photos (Mac only) or Lightroom catalogs / archives, where the images have been stored directly within the catalogs. In the case where catalogs reference external directories, those directories must be imported into PhotoStatistica directly, not via the catalogs.

  • Note that for Apple Photos or Lightroom only images accessible on local media will be imported - i.e. excluding those only residing in cloud based storage. For example, Lightroom Creative Cloud may migrate an image into its cloud storage and not keep a copy on the original computer, until it is requested by an Adobe application.

Image formats

PhotoStatistic imports EXIF data from all major image file types including:


  • All RAW formats supported by Apple, see

  • Compressed FujiFilm RAF files are supported where Apple supports for non-compressed format

  • XMP side-car files are also recognised - see Exif field support for full details

Chart types

  • Bar charts – horizontal and vertical orientations

  • Pie charts – full and donut styles

  • Dual axis pivot table

  • Dual axis pivot chart

  • Drill down data explorer

Export formats

  • Full CSV export of any imported EXIF data

  • PNG export of bar chart, pie chart, pivot table and pivot chart results

EXIF field support

PhotoStatistica extracts 39 EXIF data fields, providing 66 fields to analyse​

PhotoStatistica enables you to see the BIG picture

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